horse portraits – my favorite kind of photography

I love photographing all events with people and their animals, yet a private Horse Portrait session still gives me the most joy.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-41

Last weekend I was blessed to be able to shoot a young woman with her horse and dog at Wood Run Farm near Castle Pines.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-9

The aspect I love most about a private session is time.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-14

Time to get to know my subject and her critter(s).

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-5

(Jack is a boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix – a sweet rescue.)

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-47

Time – so we can wait for ears to be pricked forward…..

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-27

………………..and include Jessie’s trainer, Erin.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-43

Time to shoot lots of images – looking for that perfect moment of light.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal

Jessie & Tucker-4

Time to let a horse be crazy and return to calm.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-33

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-37

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-39

Jessie is very comfortable in her skin – and the ease with which she interacted with her thoroughbred, Tucker was a thing of beauty.

Jessie & Tucker-55

My guess is that being a physical therapist has not only required her to be fluent in body mechanics but also to be grounded in her own body.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-45

Her self-confidence was apparent right away. She had three outfit changes prepared along with fun jewelry as accents.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-44

…………..and we had time for her just to relax and play with Tucker at liberty.

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-49

Jessie & Tucker horizontal-30

Jessie & Tucker-65

………………then there are those quiet moments when I can capture the gentle bond between horse and human.

Jessie & Tucker-57

You can’t beat a great pair of cowboy boots in a photograph!

Jessie & Tucker-64

I love that when a client jumps into her imagination and creativity with both feet,  I can simply become the witness with a camera.

I hope to continue doing more of these sessions.

Thank you Jessie, Tuck, Jack, Lorraine (mom – not shown who brought us bagels!) Jessica and Erin.


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a quiet summer sunday

I stopped by the Arvada Equestrian Center this morning to see my friends compete in the August Pinto Show.

The first images are of Becky and Bentley from our barn.

August Pinto Show

His tail is real!

August Pinto Show-2

He thought someone said “Take a number.”

August Pinto Show-3

“Is that a treat mom?”

August Pinto Show-4

“Oh, it’s a brush  – I’ll take a bite anyway.”

August Pinto Show-5

“Ooooo – I luve a good belly rub.”

August Pinto Show-9

“Let’s get this show on the road.”

August Pinto Show-10

August Pinto Show-11

August Pinto Show-12

August Pinto Show-13

“This is mom showing me off to the judge”

August Pinto Show-14

My friend Susan was also there with her mini.

August Pinto Show-6

August Pinto Show-7

I believe he speaks English.

August Pinto Show-8

….and loves kisses.

August Pinto Show-31

August Pinto Show-33

He and Susan compete with the big boys.

August Pinto Show-32

Then I spotted Jamie and her boy Lucky, also from our barn.

August Pinto Show-26

August Pinto Show-27

He is very relaxed and calm.

August Pinto Show-28

I think he gets it from his human.

August Pinto Show-29

Jamie’s’ mom is her constant side-kick.

August Pinto Show-30

A good mom always carries water and a dust cloth.

August Pinto Show-34

And off they go into the show ring.

August Pinto Show-16

I don’t personally know this little family, but I was charmed by their delight in each other.

August Pinto Show-17

August Pinto Show-18

“Honey, we’re going to have to do something to tame your hair!”

August Pinto Show-19

“Can you say ‘eye’?”

August Pinto Show-22

August Pinto Show-24

She told me her horse was named Butterfly.

August Pinto Show-35

I hope this family finds their way to these images.

I love these moments  when humans are just loving their horses.

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a young girl and her first horse

Every photo shoot I do is enchanting. This particular one was even more so. You just can’t beat a confident young girl and a chestnut sport horse.

1 Bownds Girls-7

The day was cool and windy when Laura brought out her horse Tops.

2 Bownds Girls-4

You can see she adores him.

3 Bownds Girls-13

It has been raining so much that the grass comes out by the roots.

5 Bownds Girls-21

She is a natural in front of the camera.

6 Bownds Girls-30

The sheen of Tops’ neck and Laura’s  hair contrast beautifully.

Bownds Girls-25

Leaning in for support.

Bownds Girls-40

Dandelions and more grass.

Bownds Girls-44

This is a portrait in trust!

Bownds Girls-50

As the storm clouds rolled in, we called it a day.

Thank you to her mom for letting me share these images of her beautiful daughter.


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mini faces

This post is simply to show the beauty in the faces of these exquisite miniature horses.

mini faces8

A friend asked me if Arabians were part of their heritage.

mini faces5

I don’t know but the dish in some of their heads certainly implies Arab.

mini faces2

I love the way they observe the humans around them.

mini faces6

mini faces13

Nobility personified.

mini faces10

Well loved.

mini faces11

mini faces4

mini faces14

His dad really loves him.

mini faces9

His mom does as faces15

Pampered Horses!

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.

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multi-tasking mini mama

In mid-May I was invited to photograph a Rocky Mountain Miniature horse Classic show in Longmont.

A friend of mine was managing the show and I was the “official” photographer so I had free range in and out of the ring.

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-103

These mini’s are exquisitely formed horses in a small package. They are generally very furry but receive a complete body clip for show season.

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-40

There are many different events in which the horses compete – ranging from halter to driving classes.

RM Mini Classic afternoon-44

This story is about one mom who arrived with her two daughters, Lillie and Julie a baby in a carrier and their little white mini, Spell. I was transfixed.

RM Mini Classic afternoon-3

The morning classes were halter and showmanship. There were two competitors for this age level. Here, the judge is telling Lillie the course to follow.

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-89

Proudly and somewhat nervously she guides Spell around the arena……………

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-91

…………finally standing him before the judge.

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-92

A ‘good luck and thank you’ kiss before she learns how she placed.

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-93

Whoa……… ribbons!

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-94

Next, it is Julie’s turn.

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-95

Finally standing Spell for the judges.

A ‘thank you’ kiss and………………..

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-97


RM Mini Classic morning-halter-99

The afternoon classes began with one called “Costume”.

RM Mini Classic afternoon-5

Here are the girls dressed up as the princesses from the movie “Frozen”. Spell came as Olaf, the snowman.

RM Mini Classic afternoon-8

 Of course they won the class – the cuteness factor alone would have guaranteed it.

RM Mini Classic afternoon-10

Unbridled excitement from the girls rendered “Olaf” terrified. “Yikes – those ribbons are going to kill me!” he squealed.

RM Mini Classic afternoon-11

Olaf had a melt-down.

It was a wonderful day of shooting and learning about the world of Mini’s.

RM Mini Classic morning-halter-8

I have many more photos – fodder for another post. Enjoy.

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a different kind of horse portrait shoot

Last week I was commissioned to photograph The Outlaw Josey Wales. She is a lovely combination of an American Saddlebred and an Arabian. She has been in full training with one of the trainers at our barn, Margaret Thompson.

Josey for for web-10

The session was to include portraits with her owner Maribeth, as well as some images showing off all of Margaret’s hard work.

Josey for for web-4

We began with Margaret “posing” Josey in order to show the muscles developed over the winter as well as her beauty.

Josey for for web-19

Josey for for web-14

The pony pasture behind us provided a “peanut gallery”.

Josey for for web-17

Then Maribeth joined her little mare for some “connection-time”.

Josey for for web-25 Josey for for web-26

Finally we turned Josey loose in the outdoor arena to capture her “at liberty”.

Josey for for web-37

She showed us her extended trot.

Josey for for web-35

She flagged her tail.

Josey for for web-29 Josey for for web-28

She showed off at a full blown gallop.

Josey for for web-39

And generally had a good time strutting her stuff.

Josey for for web-42

Like all the Arabs I have photographed, she would charge right at me and swerve off at the last minute.

Josey for for web-32

Maribeth is one proud and thoughtful mama.

Josey for for web-21

It was another wonderful horse portrait session. Thanks to Maribeth, Margaret and of course Josey.

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The baby chicks are growing so fast!

chicks with baby wings

Trisha – their adoptive mom – says they grow while you’re watching them.

chicks with baby wings-2

If you look carefully, you can see they have sprouted tiny wing feathers.

chicks with baby wings-3

This gang’s breed is called Buff Orpingtons.

chicks with baby wings-4

They will remain a yellow color as they age. We’re going to handle them a lot in with the hope they’ll enjoy being stroked when they are bigger.

chicks with baby wings-6

It won’t be long before they’ll outgrow her palm.

chicks with baby wings-5

Learning to fly!

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